A Space for Everyone

A Space for Everyone

From Kimball International in collaboration with CSD Studio, EverySpace is a modular workplace platform that aims high. So high, in fact, that its over-riding objective is none other than pleasing all of the people all of the time.

EverySpace bright open office wiht bookcase, table with several chairs, lounge and media wall

How does one even begin with such a lofty objective? According to Wendy Murray, VP of Brand Marketing for Kimball, Every Space is grounded in establishing a “completely different visual respect for the workplace… as the needs and expectations of the physical workplace are changing, EverySpace is a complete, flexible offering that fosters belonging and allows people to feel connected with each other and the organization while facilitating performance and supporting well-being.”

EverySpace approaches this with a compromise between variety and cohesion, using an egalitarian visual palette that begins with a beautiful base element and then gives users options to build upon it: “Clean and minimal, the base serves as a unifying design element. From there, the upper half of the solution would serve as the canvas—an open and endless opportunity for design expression.”

EverySpace back-to-back individual workstations in room with blue carpet, white desks, bookcases, large plant and view out a window of brick building

The approach offers enough cohesiveness and repetition to maintain a unified workplace aesthetic, while allowing users to express individual preference.

EverySpace open workspace with matching desks with black tops, white bases, orange chairs, and storage modules next to desks

The Y-shaped base is a beautiful sculptural element—a unifying motif that resonates throughout the space like a recurring pattern in nature—while allowing customization via the elements to be stacked above, a broad offering of bookcases, storage modules, units for media, screens, other tackable surfaces, and open space.

EverySpace Y-shaped base element detail with hands holding a pencil
EverySpace open workspace with matching workstations in white base, wood tops, white pedestal storage, blue privacy screens, and green chairs with large windows looking out onto street scene

The aesthetic/emotional component of choice and customization is one way EverySpace prioritizes health and wellbeing, the way it supports flexible working styles is another. All the elements above the base may be used to define space, opening up for sharing and collaboration and closing off for focused work and privacy.

EverySpace cozy office space with matching workstations separated by rolling bookcase and view of a forest  through large window

Worksurfaces are height-adjustable and bluetooth-enabled, and power/data infrastructure is integrated seamlessly, providing convenience and an exceptionally clean aesthetic.

EverySpace open workspace with desks with black base, white top, yellow screens, and white chairs next to dramatic open concrete staircase

Lastly, EverySpace supports flexibility and individual choice via its extensive range of finish options and materials palette, for “a sense of color and texture and variety, all of those just bringing more warmth and life to a workplace.”

EverySpace workstations with white desks, black bases, green and white chairs and large blue privacy screens with open staircase in background

Find out more at Kimball International and CSD Studio.

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