Uwe Fischer’s Scope Seating for Cor

If you're unlucky enough to work at an office with other people, then you should always demand one thing: good furniture. Well, I imagine you'd want to demand other things too-good working hours, decent coffee, fair management and the like-but my point is this: if you have to face the world on a daily basis, you should do it in a well-designed environment. Just a month ago, in late October, you could have checked out some of the newest ideas in work environments at Orgatec, the office furniture show that takes place in Cologne. Exhibiting this year, German manufacturer Cor offered their Scope collection, which was designed in conjunction with industrial designer Uwe Fischer (whose website consists of one very interesting, if somewhat cryptic, photograph).

Scope. Designed by Uwe Fishcher for Cor.

Creative Office Furniture Creates Private Spaces

Consisting of upholstered seating and occasional tables, Scope works both horizontally and vertically. You can add as many pieces as you like in order to create a room within a room. Better still, tall backrests double as room dividers, so you can hide in plain sight. "This furniture is a statement," says Fischer. "It should stand unaccompanied in the room like a capsule. It is still inviting, providing protection but without blocking off.” In that regard, it's got something in common with EarChair. Both designs validate the worker's autonomy, so, if you can't work alone in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home, you can still reserve your very own space within a greater workplace.

Scope Seating by Uwe Fischer for COR, enclosed commercial seating
Uwe Fischer's Scope Seating for Cor

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