The Poesis Pulp Chair

Recycled paper is probably the most familiar and accessible form of recycling waste for the average consumer. Chances are, as a kindergarten student, you were repurposing old newspapers via paper mache. Designers are finding new and creative ways to recycle paper into furniture and interior materials. Carpet, tables, wallpaper and countertop surfaces all made of recycled paper pop up again and again in our search for unique pieces to feature on 3rings.

Pulp Chair. Designed by Poesis.

Husband-and-wife designers Rob Bristow and Pilar Proffitt turn paper pulp into a rock solid chair called the Pulp Chair. Their company Poesis explores design through both architecture, art and furniture, creating modern pieces with a rural undertone. The furniture uses thick slabs of marble and chunky pieces of wood with simple connections and finishes that enhance the natural materials. The Pulp Chair is made from a compressed mixture of water, wax and newspaper pulp which is sanded into a finish that looks like suede. This chair is no featherweight either, the first prototype was a light gray cube topped with white oak, weighing in at about 300 lbs. Further exploration lead to hollowing out the core, which lightens the chair and makes it more portable. Instead of the traditional fabric cleaner or wood polisher, the Pulp chair can be cleaned with a little fine grade sandpaper.

The Poesis Studio is located in Lakeville, Connecticut in a former dairy barn. The space serves as both a laboratory and production facility. Their work is represented by Ralph Pucci, and can be seen at the Hotel Ralph Pucci in Washington DC..

Pulp Couch

Pulp Couch. Designed by Poesis.

Pulp Chair

Pulp Chair. Designed by Poesis.

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