At NeoCon 2023: Sublime Seating

At NeoCon 2023: Sublime Seating

If you’re wandering the hallowed (and long, oh-so-long) halls at the Merchandise Mart you’d probably like to occasionally take a load off and sample some subliime seating. in view of Hightower’s Flote Lounge winning Best of Year honors, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some other top lounge chairs here at NeoCon 2023.


Darran Furniture’s soft, supple Dove (Silver and Innovation award winner) offers an organic form and an organic perspective. A synthesis of natural and recycled materials, Dove features a shell of recycled PET and a walnut and ash hardwood frame. The lounge beckons with three styles: lounge, rocker, and guest. Visit Darran at 10-165.

Darran Dove chair in brown
Darran Dove family of lounge chairs


Scandinavian Spaces (366, 3rd. Floor) does everything to the max. If you happen to make it over to their 3rd. floor showroom, not only will you be greeted by this vibrant and voluminous easy chair, but also by the hypnotizing aroma of fresh pastry from the proximal Scandi Café. Maybe you can hang out in Max while enjoying a snack and an espresso (just please keep the crumbs off the upholstery).

Scandinavian Spaces Max lounge side view
Max family
Scandi Café image with pastry


Best of NeoCon Sustainability winner, Nienkämper‘s Beam is ebullient, exuberant, extemporaneous. Really, this chair is a lot of fun. With its big, bulbous aspect and exposed wooden support, Beam offers a sublime tactile experience. And Beam likes to play together: the collection includes a single lounge, two-seater, three-seater, and integrated table elements: “relaxed, casual and open, Beam helps to create notable, dynamic, and playful arrangements.” Check it out on the 3rd. floor at suite 365.

Nienkamper Beam chair front view
Beam family


Stylex’s Oko, designed by LucidiPevere, has everything one could want in a lounge chair: a pillowy seat, curvy contour, and presto-chango upholstery (it’s engineered for easily removal and reupholstering). While this last category recommends Oko to corporate and hospitality environments, it will do just fine in your living room too, thank you very much. See Oko at Stylex, 337, 3rd. floor.

Oko Lounge in white, three chairs
Oko gray front view


Raya by Claudio Bellini for OFS is elegant and just-the-kind-of-sophisticated you want. The wrap-around design and intriguing interplay of forms invites you to indulge in this embracing and enveloping lounge chair. Customize your Raya with a choice of 12 wood finish options. Choose yours at OFS, 1132, 11th. floor.

Raya lounge chair by OFS
Raya family of chairs

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