Neidhardt’s RPD Line Provides Drama from On High

From the somewhat-rarefied terrain of Redwood City, CA, the manufacturer known as Neidhardt Inc. offers stock, customized stock, and custom lighting fixtures for a diverse clientele including designers, business owners, and architects. The soon-to-be 20-year-old company founded by Frank Neidhardt and Karen Moffeit has outfitted restaurants, hotels, and airports from the great Northwest to the great Midwest (including the Sea-Tac Airport and Chicago's Park Hyatt) and beyond, so a new stock fixture is sure to garner interest. Just so, their latest RPD Series is a collection of four distinctive lightpieces with broad commercial appeal. From the octagonal RPD02 pendant, to the obsessively square RPD01 flush mount, the line displays the kinds of slim lines and understated styling that draws raves from the public.

RPD02 Pendant. Designed by Neidhardt Inc.

That's not to say that the RPD series disappears into the woodwork. To the contrary-and especially in regards to the 02–each of these lights is sure to spark no small measure of aesthetic intrigue. The 02 is a golden, geometricized halo of light (though it's also available in silver plating). The piece is constructed of an octagonal nimbus of plated metal inset with a shade of white acrylic. The assembly hangs from a miniaturized facsimile of the large ring, thus imparting a double-sided aura of suspension to the whole. Like the RPD02, the lights in the 01 line make the most of few materials. The pendant lamp is a circular expanse of light set into a 23.75" square support base. Also similar to the 02, the 01 pendant hangs from a smaller version of itself-the expanse between the two bridged only by four thin wires and an electrical cord, simultaneously bringing the lamp down to a workable height, while creating a dramatic look that somehow reminds me of the high theatrics of acrobats or tightrope walkers. Finishes for The RPD 01 suspension, wall, and ceiling lamps include flat white, flat black or satin hairline silver.

Neidhardt's RPD Line Provides Drama from On High

RPD01 Ceiling. Designed by Neidhardt Inc.

Neidhardt's RPD Line Provides Drama from On High

RPD01 Wall. Designed by Neidhardt Inc.

Neidhardt's RPD Line Provides Drama from On High

RPD01 Pendant. Designed by Neidhardt Inc.

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