Boom! 32 Pendant from Global Lighting

Boom! 32 Pendant from Global Lighting

If the Boom! 32 pendant by Marc De Groot seems to have an old school military ethos, that’s hardly accidental, for the designer’s inspiration was vintage military grenades. Constructed of square and trapezoidal aluminum panes that are puzzled together into a spherical shape, Boom! 32 also evokes the battle-hardened shells of tanks and helmets.

Boom! 32 pendant brass and aluminum

What’s more, the illumination it emits evokes the very action of explosion: “when the light ignites the interior of the shade, it glows with downlight and casts shadows through the linear breaks in its surface.”

Boom! 32 pendant black

Boom! 32 is available in brass, aluminum, powder-coated white, and a black exterior with gold interior. At 12.5 x 12.5 inches, it’s pretty small, making it great for grouped installations or neat rows.

Boom! 32 pendant brass, black, aluminum

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