From the BBC to the Blå Station: It’s Oppo and Puppa Time

While the Teletubbies of the BBC have given me heebie jeebies after a few jaded babysitting experiences, I find similar-shaped furnishings – that don’t giggle, jiggle or have antennas – to be quite cute.

Oppo. Designed by Stefan Borselius for Blå Station.

Blå Station

manufactures furniture using carefully chosen techniques, materials, and designers. Together with Stefan Borselius they used a childlike curiosity to create the “totally skinless” Oppo and Puppa seating and footstool combo. Prior to Borselius’ exploration in molded polyurethane foam with upholstery (used in these new designs), he was all about thin seat shells laminated in Formfelt, like he used in his 2008 design of the Boo stackable chairs. As we acquaint ourselves with his new designs, Borselius continues to learn the language of a new material.

From the BBC to the Blå Station: It’s Oppo and Puppa Time

Puppa. Designed by Stefan Borselius for Blå Station.

From the BBC to the Blå Station: It’s Oppo and Puppa Time

Puppa and Oppo. Designed by Stefan Borselius for Blå Station.

Oppo is a swivel, easy- chair he designed last year, in 2009. It comes in a high or low size (as opposed to large or small) and has auto-return to make rocking it back and forth even more enjoyable. For larger projects, Oppo is also available with a non-swivel base and a chromed tubular steel. As you’ll notice, the “high” Oppo is tall and thin and comes with optional armrests while the “low” remains more grounded and rounded.

Puppa is the footrest, floor cushion, or inventive seating unit (with no backrest). It’s made with the same cloud-like materials as the Oppo and comes upholstered in either leather or fabric, but comes with plastic feet instead of a lacquered steel base and instead of Oppo’s frame made from steel and wood, the Puppa is made with only wood.

Born in 1974 in Malmö, Sweden, Borselius was educated at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design after attending the Carl Malmstens and Steneby schools, and studying furniture carpentry and design. His extensive knowledge in structurally sound but soft furnishings make him an obvious choice as a top designer used by the family-run Blå Station manufacturer, based in Åhus on the southeast coast of Sweden.

Don’t let the oblivion of googly morning television characters deter you from fun seating options in your home. With the Swedes, you’ll find true comedic relief in furnishings that kids and adults alike can bond with.

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