Clean Clothes, Clean You: Dual Function Shower Enclosures by Vismaravetro

This may be a little far off the mark in terms of sustainable design, especially when we’re honest about our modern need for cleanliness, which has ballooned to a new level of sterile paranoia. The shower as a basic concept, wastes a huge amount of water, although the development of low-flow shower heads is helping some with that issue. Modern shower materials, such as glass and aluminum have a high level of embodied energy although both materials can be recycled, but are often not. The Vismaravetro dual function shower enclosure may not be sustainable, but it is efficient in its use of space, which in many cities is a valuable resource in itself.

Vismaravetro dual function shower enclosure.

Vismaravetro is an Italian company that creates a line of modern, “wellness” driven shower enclosures that are designed to create a sense of peace and harmony on a daily basis. Every collection has a slightly different feel, but each has clean lines with a specific attention to ergonomic functionality. Their newest creation allows for the combination of other monotonous daily activities into the same luxurious space.

Vismaravetro Shower
Vismaravetro Shower

In conjunction with Centro Progetti Vismara, Idelfonso Colombo and Daniele Di Vito, have envisioned a compact shower and laundry room design. The designers asked the question, “Can the shower enclosure be useful beyond its specific purpose?” They designers analyzed daily routines, focusing on cleanliness of both person and clothing, which resulted in the linking of chores to create a dynamic harmony. The result is a multifunctional system of household appliances that encourages the intermingling of different objects and activities within the same space. Everything from a place for linen, bath products, appliances, detergents, etc can have a home next to this elegant shower.

via Architectural Products Magazine, Sept. 2010

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