New Launches from Carvart

New Launches from Carvart

Architectural glass products specialists Carvart have launched a new Metallic laminated glass collection along with the new Carvart Textile collection in collaboration with Designtex.

Carvart Metallic_1

Metallic mesh and fabrics are encapsulated between glass layers in Carvart’s new collections.

Intricate mesh is fused in between two layers of glass to create the decorative Carvart Metallic line. On the exterior, Carvart Metallic can help control light transmission and thermal/heat gain, potentially reducing energy required for air conditioning. On the interior, the black side of the mesh effectively shades sunlight and reduces glare, yet maintains remarkably clear views to the outside, making Carvart Metallic an excellent component of a building’s daylighting strategy.

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Carvart Metallic is suitable for a variety of applications, including interior and exterior walls and partitions, doors, and space delineation. And the appearance of the glass can be altered with Carvart’s translucent view options for varying degrees of transparency and reflection. In addition, the meshes can be combined or digitally printed before being fused between the glass for a unique look.

Carvart Metallic_Close-up_Gold

This versatile surface solution is also UV- and moisture-resistant. It meets ASTM standards for safety glass. And it delivers an impressive acoustical STC rating of up to 41db.

Carvart Textile_Standing Tiles_smaller

The collaboration with Designtex, Carvart Textile, is a line of UV- and moisture-resistant glass embedded with delicate, sheer, and colored fabrics. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, Carvart Textiles are suitable for partitions, room dividers, backsplashes, horizontal and vertical surfacing, sliding and swing doors, ceilings, and bathroom enclosures. It’s also great for outdoor applications.

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About the manufacturer:Led by Edward Geyman, Carvart is a 20-year-old creative solutions company specializing in turnkey architectural glass products. The company has progressed from a mom-and-pop operation started over 20 years ago by Anatoly Geyman out of a Brooklyn factory into a thriving architectural glass business with clients from across the U.S. and Europe.

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