Undercover Tech: Kitchen Trend

Undercover Tech: Kitchen Trend

Hidden technology allows kitchens to flow more seamlessly into other living spaces, so this year’s new appliances and fixtures are keeping their best tricks concealed beneath sleek exteriors:


Futura Diamond by Miele: Miele commissioned Owens Corning Acoustics Research Center (OCARC) to conduct extensive independent comparative dishwasher testing, which it says proved its Futura Diamond dishwasher produces the lowest decibel of 37 dBA for both clean and soiled loads. The company owes the results to an advanced insulation system, turbidity sensors, and a powerful internal pump that maintains efficiency. www.miele.com

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eUnit Kitchen by Dornbracht: The company’s first electronic product, the eUnit Kitchen includes a foot sensor that can be used to turn water on and off. Other controls assist with tasks including regulating water flow and temperature and plug operation. www.dornbracht.com

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Ergoline Hood by Berbel: With patented new Back-Flow Technology that incorporates secondary air ventilation, the Ergoline Hood prevents condensation from forming on the front of the hood. Indirect illumination from LEDs provides a warm glow at the unit’s rear, and its EcoSwitch control system enables both external- or re-circulation settings. www.berbel.de

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On/Off by Boffi: Boffi’s new version of the On/Off kitchen has the same flexible workspace design, but now features surfaces concealed by folding doors that open upward with a hidden electronic mechanism. New modular base units also allow all appliances to be integrated beneath the counter. www.boffi.com

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KKF287S5TI by Bosch: Frameless white glass panels printed with a nature-inspired pattern conceal the inner workings of Bosch’s new refrigerator, which includes a three-circuit cooling system that regulates temperature in three separate compartments, cutting down on cooling costs. www.bosch-hausgeraete.de

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