It’s Magic: Poresta Slot Makes Water Disappear

The most captivating part of magic is what remains invisible. The technical aspects that help create a successful sleight-of-hand should remain known only to the illusionist. For the rest of us, we enjoy the act of marveling; we relish the allure of mesmerization. The infinity edge brings a sense of the unreal to our backyards, but not everyone can have a pool (the confines of finance and weather being only two of the reasons for this lack of luxury). For a more manageable alternative, you might opt for the Poresta Slot, a shower system from illbruck in which "water simply disappears."

Poresta Slot. Designed by Illbruck.

The floor-level shower system features a shadow gap drain, "creating a totally new and innovative form of drainage." Practically invisible to the naked eye, the Poresta Slot nestles the joint against the wall, so "water simply runs away." There is no need for grading; the shower floor can be integrated into the greater area of the bathroom for a truly seamless surface. The Poresta Slot is ready for tiling, and it gives the shower good heat insulation-but neither of these attributes is quite as wonderful as its signature flatness. By allowing the floor to remain level, illbruck's shower system is both sleek and helpful, since it is wheelchair accessible. Now there's no need to compromise style for the sake of accessibility, especially since the shadow gap provides a high drainage capacity. Best of all is the illusion created but the Poresta Slot "that water simply trickles away."

It’s Magic: Poresta Slot Makes Water Disappear

Posted September 20, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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