Franco Pecchioli’s Green Vibrations

Italian tile company Franco Pecchioli is going green. Literally. Their new Green Vibrations Collection harnesses the forest, or as they put it, “Ceramics rediscover nature as a key theme.” Sounds much better in Italian by the way: “La ceramica riscopre la natura come leitmotiv.” The tiles make your bath look like some enchanted wood straight out of a German fairy tale.

Green Vibrations. Designed by Franco Pecchioli.

A combination of deep emerald and black, Green Vibrations uses striations of color, as well as marbling and cracking, to achieve an organic look—tile that’s been taken over by a ceramic-feeding algae, turning your bath into a room draped in moss. Different sizes and colors, including gold, make Green Vibrations a varied collection. Traditional square tiles, large slabs, and pebbled tiles recreate the richness of nature. Combine different pieces from the Green Vibrations Collection to surround yourself with the textures and hues of the forest. River rocks, great walls of slate, tall conifers—the tiles will immerse you in earthly wonders.


Lying in the bath, you might close your eyes and smell evergreen, verbena, musk. Green Vibrations revels in the awesome—it is not a collection for the meek. Like Italian columns of green marble or sleek floors of green serpentinite, Green Vibrations is a niche product. If you’re looking to bring nature indoors, then this Franco Pecchioli collection will deliver you into the arms of Persephone.

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