At IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Manufactured Landscapes by Tandus

Personally, I am usually not too big on wall-to-wall carpeting in commercial spaces or even in my humble abode. Of course, if it's a Turkish Carpet or an Oriental Rug then it's a whole different story (albeit an expensive one). That all said, I am really a big fan of Manufactured Landscapes manufactured by Tandus Canada.

Manufactured Landscape, modular carpet tile. Designed by Suzanne Tick. Manufactured by Tandus Canada.

Manufactured Landscapes is a modular carpet system by Suzanne Tick and will be exhibited at IIDEX, NeoCon Canada in Toronto. Fellow 3ringer Joseph Starr already wrote of the world's largest manufacturer of modular carpet systems, InterfaceFLOR, as carpet tiling is indeed a growing phenomena. One reason for the escalating popularity and interest in modular carpet systems is their graphic visual appeal marked by their myriad textures and versatile design possibility.

At IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Manufactured Landscapes by Tandus

According to Tandus, Manufactured Landscapes "transcends traditional thought as to what, how, where and when to specify and apply carpet tile, today and in the future."  Actually, what set's the collection apart from the clique is its heady mix of textures, modern fabrics and an energetic color palette. Suzanne Tick has created six different textures, within three separate and distinct 24-inch carpet tiles to accentuate the surroundings.

This carpet system makes use of a full 6 foot pattern repeat cut into three 24" x 24" tiles, which are intrinsically different from one other. Then the three tiles are packaged equally as thirds into a single box, and can finally be installed out of the box in either a non-directional or ashlar method.

The Manufactured Landscapes Collection is a great alternative to traditional wall-to-wall carpeting or laminated flooring. According to Suzanne Tick, her source of inspiration was Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of a civilization’s materials and debris. While I don't necessary see the connection, I do think the collection may in the future become an office inevitability in an urban context.

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