Inscape’s Planna has its Heart in the Trees and Water

In the scenic environs of Holland Landing Ontario resides a designer and manufacturer of innovative office products with origins in upstate New York and a flagship credenza and desking system based on an architectural marvel in the trees and streams of rural Pennsylvania. The company is Inscape, the product is Planna, and the structure is none other than Frank Lloyd Wright's fabulous Falling Water. Planna's seamlessly-intersecting silhouette bears comparison to the sublime and serene dwelling. The product is modeled after the lines Lloyd Wright created for Falling Water, a "crisp intersection of horizontal and vertical planes combined with off-modular floating tops for a warm, residential feel complemented by rich back painted glass."

Planna. Designed by Inscape.

Too bad Planna is slated for indoor use, but perhaps the product will provide a calming tonic akin to that of Lloyd Wright's masterpiece. The first attribute the architect might notice about Planna is its effortless floating top. Attached to the under-structure via a pair of cleverly-underplayed metal supports, the desk's attractive glass top is as light and lithe as vapor in the trees. Next, there's Planna's excellent storage capacity, provided courtesy of the double-double drawers flanking and supporting the piece like a pair of stout oaks. And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Planna's versatility, morphing to become open benching-style schemes as easily as private nooks and crannies. Let's not forget steel construction with high-recycled content and end-life re-use, just like the best living organic systems. Lastly we behold Planna's multiple finish options that parallel the evolving palettes of nature: Nuform, Painted MDF, Veneers, and Back Painted Glass.

Inscape's Planna has its Heart in the Trees and Water

Inscape's Planna has its Heart in the Trees and Water

While Planna might not be a masterpiece of modern architecture and art, it surely passes muster as intelligent, handsome, and adaptable desk/credenza for the ever-evolving workspace.

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