Grab Todd Bracher’s Stick Lamp Before It Walks Away

The next time you happen to be forging through the wilds of a desk-littered office space, or sounding the depths of an artifact-laden artist's studio, don't dismiss the occasional thin, reedy, or bent-looking stick as wire detritus, as the mere leavings of an untidy sweeper. For the ostensible refuse just might be a sampling of designer Todd Bracher's Stick, his series of elegant desk and floor lamps made from otherwise un-spectacular bent metal tubes outfitted with the always-employable LEDs.

Stick Lamp. Designed by Todd Bracher.

If you've got something of the naturalist about you, perhaps the lamp resembles quite other than the aformentioned human leavings. For it's not at all a stretch to see the resemblance between Stick and a couple of denizens of the earth's remaining wild spaces. Bracher used the inspiration of the tentacled head and body (respectively) of the deep sea angler fish and the walking stick. The former, "one of the most bizarre-looking fish in the sea" ( is named for its long dorsal spine-the supportive base for its "photophore," an organ that uses bioluminescence to create an ethereal underwater emission of light resembling the distinctive glow of a firefly. The latter, scientific name "phasmatodea," is an order of insects whose defense mechanism is stealthy camouflage as any number of twigs, sticks, or small branches.

Grab Todd Bracher's Stick Lamp Before It Walks Away

Grab Todd Bracher's Stick Lamp Before It Walks Away

Grab Todd Bracher's Stick Lamp Before It Walks Away

These dual inspirations thus account for Stick’s aesthetic as well as its slim and seamless functionality. The piece should not only satisfy nature lovers who long for some organic resonance from their daily dose of A & D, but also minimalists who can't abide much more than a pencil's width of space for their habitual illumination. Whichever your passion, Stick will make an innovative addition–it's a charming and functional conversation piece that will shine a new light on the proceedings.

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