A Table You’ll Want to Sit on: BADA Table by Ecosystems

Oh the dilemma. A dining room table or comfortable seating for four? In my last 250 square foot apartment, guests were forced to sit around the coffee table while occasionally sliding to the side to allow the refrigerator door to open. While I generally find convertible furniture tacky and impractical, city living provides just cause for entertaining the idea of owning a quality piece of adaptable furniture.

BADA Table. Designed by Ecosystems.

The BADA table by Ecosystems is just such a piece. It is truly a jack of all trades; starting out as a desk, extending to become a dining table and then almost magically converting into a comfortable loveseat. Only in the form of a loveseat it is apparent that the loveseat has multiple personalities, which is remarkable for an adjustable piece. The BADA table reminds me of something Frank Lloyd Wright would design, both in aesthetics and environmental attention. The wood in combination with the earthy fabric and horizontal lines would fit right into a city-sized Falling Water.

BADA table by Ecosystems

BADA table by Ecosystems

BADA table by Ecosystems

Ecosystems is creating sustainable and interesting products through collaboration. BADA stands for the Brooklyn Arts and Design Arena, which according to Ecosystems represents “a spirit of collaboration between designers.” The BADA table is a result of a collaboration with Al Attara within the 33 Flatbush Ave. building in downtown Brooklyn. Ecosystems works with material companies such as Designtex and TerraMai to enhance the sustainability of their products.

The materials are 100% sustainable and recyclable. The wood is either FSC certified or reclaimed from previous uses. It is treated with a natural, low VOC clear oil made from plant seeds to protect the wood and enhance its beauty, while being environmentaly safe.

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