Paper Feline Furniture, Meow!

Paper Feline Furniture, Meow!

Cat Box is an ingenious and modern solution to a big problem—the dreaded cat tower. With Cat Box, cat-lovers can avoid the carpeted eyesores that have previously given anxiety attacks to design-conscious humans.

Cat Box tower

Cat Box is entirely composed of paper—honeycomb board, to be exact. It offers hiding places, peekaboo holes, an elevated shelf, and boxes, of course! Purr-fection.

Cat Box

Cat Box is a home decor accessory for people with cats. “Given the nature of cats,” Cat Box states, “who have a penchant for heights, a cat tower becomes an essential structure, providing not only a loft vantage point but also a snug haven for rest and play within the cat kingdom.”

Cat Box components

Designed by Byung Jung, Hyeong Jin, and Maro. Via Behance.

Cat Box components 2

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