The Neverending Summer of the Transparent Stripe

If you run a search on 'Transparent Stripe', you will find yourself a high-end, fashionable blouse by Paul Smith. Although we may drool over the latest in fashion, the point of an architecture and design site is not to challenge the Go Fug Yourself girls in trend commentary. But what if someone were to take those same designs that hang loosely over your shoulders and digitally project them onto a wall? Seems to me your favorite shirt that you can't wear enough might just be able to help deck out a favorite room.

Transparent Stripe. Designed by Paul Frank for Maharam.

Since not every designer has a vision and depth of color palette like Paul Smith - who is arguably the single most famous fashion designer to come out of the UK - very few have been approached by Maharam to collaborate on the latest in large-scale wall coverings. The Digital Projects, as they call them, are printed, high-tech replications of art or graphics that are then transferred onto a substrate of cellulose, latex, and nylon. In the Transparent Stripe Digital Project, Paul Smith found inspiration in what he calls "overlapping washes of watercolors" from "free-flowing summer clothes". It's in a completely different playing field from the solid colors of paint and the grainy, rustic texture of brick and concrete. But subdued enough in saturation, the Transparent Stripe makes an entire space come alive as if it encapsulated the memory of hot July sunset by the sea.

The Neverending Summer of the Transparent Stripe

Hand Tinted Rose. Designed by Paul Smith for Maharam.

The Neverending Summer of the Transparent Stripe

Renard 2. Designed by Harmen Liemburg for Maharam.

The Neverending Summer of the Transparent Stripe

Kicksilver. Designed by Marilyn Minter for Maharam.

The Neverending Summer of the Transparent Stripe

Dutch Clouds. Designed by Karel Martens for Maharam.

Maharam is an expert in textiles used for seating, walls, window covering, systems and healthcare applications. But because the New York-based company describes their philosophy as holistic, it's only natural that their focus is on more than simply the avant-garde quality of the products they produce. In fact, their website states that their "showrooms, graphics and accessories receive the same attention to detail as product design."

The Transparent Stripe panels are designed for both residential and commercial use, and are distributed throughout North America to the trade with select retailers. They come in a standard size (10' x 17') but are also available in custom dimensions upon request.

Although Maharam has yet to invent the bottle that will store some summer for later use, a colorful Digital Project captures the feeling like a memory from a photograph to share the feeling.

Posted July 27, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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