3M DI-NOC Does it for Walls

3M DI-NOC Does it for Walls

Transform your walls as quick as you can say “peel-and-stick.”

office reception area with wood-like walls that are actually a self-adhesive film covering

3M DI-NOC by Designtex, a self-adhesive film, is a resilient and durable surface covering that not only conforms to a variety of contours, but does so in the convincing guises of wood, stone, metal, and more.

DI-NOC terrazzo finish on curved wall with single poufy chair

In addition to the 47 stock finishes—which include selections as diverse as a rich, chocolatey suede and a high-gloss gold—Designtex offers DI-NOC in new exterior options, “allowing surfaces to be refinished on site, thus extending the useful life of architectural and design elements.”

Swatches in the gray color spectrum

DI-NOC slate finish on wall behind black cabinet with lamp on top

Because it’s so simple to install, 3M DI-NOC offers a cost-effective solution for residential use, as well as education, hospitality, healthcare, and corporate venues. And the applications go beyond walls: it works on doors, panels, ceilings, furniture—virtually any other surface.

DI-NOC swatches in wood, solid, brick, and abstract styles

Find out more at Designtex. And visit 3rings for other peel-and-stick solutions.

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