Barbieshoppe: Barbie x Wallshoppe Collab

Barbieshoppe: Barbie x Wallshoppe Collab

Barbieshoppe, the official Barbie x Wallshoppe Collaboration, includes more than 800 Barbie designs—proving that Barbie has never lost her popularity.


In 2010, I worked for a company specializing in elder care. The CEO had a huge glass cabinet in her office with five shelves, each containing a Barbie doll dressed in a different outfit. Barbie’s clothes changed with the seasons, from ski suits to bathing suits. The CEO was at least sixty years old, yet she was fascinated by Barbie and spent thousands of dollars amassing her collection. I found this odd, given her age and the type of business she operated. But I was wrong. Barbie appeals to diverse people, especially now. Her popularity has spiked due in part to the recently released Barbie film. And Wallshoppe is welcoming Barbie and friends with creative and kitschy designs.

Barbie collection, Photo by Sean Bernstein on Unsplash

Although she is about 65 years old, Barbie is ageless. Pink is Barbie’s favorite color—and it has infiltrated the world of design. Barbie™ is now partnering with Wallshoppe to bring her timeless brand of glamour and self-determination to home decor.

Gallery Walls wallpaper detail

The Barbie™ x Wallshoppe Collaboration consists of wallpapers, pillows, fabric, and wall art featuring modernized twists on the brand’s original art. This includes dazzling pieces that have never been showcased in this way before. While pink is a dominant color in the collection, there are colors and patterns to please every taste.

Gallery Walls wallpaper

While many of the wallpapers harken back to vintage patterns such as flowers, stripes, and grasscloths, there are new patterns that dazzle the eye. Gallery Walls is one of my favorites: it features portraits of different Barbies in frames.  

Vintage Pinstripe Barbie wallpaper

Another fun paper is Vintage Pinstripe, which features Barbies in miniature, with subtle stripes in the background.

Just Ken Stripe wallpaper

Despite overall Ken devaluation, as proven in the “I’m Just Ken” song, Barbieshoppe includes intriguing Ken patterns, including the Just Ken Stripe.

Another of my favorites is called Starlight Christie and features Ken and Christie dancing in a romantic setting with a sprinkling of stars.

Starlight Christie wallpaper

There is even a DIY kit which has 14 of the most popular Barbie™ x Wallshoppe designs on peel & stick wallpaper in 1:6 scale so you can wallpaper your Dreamhouse.

Barbie DIY mini wallpaper kit

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