Established & Sons and Amanda Levete Invite You to Step Onto the Edge

The UK company known as Established & Sons is rather well established, at least in this particular forum. The manufacturer is known for their collaborative spirit and contemporary aesthetic. Begun in 2005 with the objective of “creating a world leading design company that would provide a successful commercial platform for British and British-based designers,” by 2010 E & S had expanded the vision to work with such international talents as Konstantin Grcic, Jaime Hayon, Walter Scheublin, and Zaha Hadid.

Edge task light. Designed by Amanda Levete for Established & Sons.

Here’s another name to add to that auspicious roster–London’s Amanda Levete. Levete’s recent Edge task light joins the ranks of Michael Eden Audrey’s Audrey Light and Jason Bruges’ Flatiner, two pieces that begin with a highly-conceptual framework and end with a stunningly beautiful and highly functional fount of illumination.

Established & Sons and Amanda Levete Invite You to Step Onto the Edge

Established & Sons and Amanda Levete Invite You to Step Onto the Edge

Levete’s Edge incorporates the burgeoning technology called OLEDs. This technological leap is none other than an “organic light emitting diode,” the extra “o” apparently accounting for the “film of organic compounds” that emit light when buzzed with electricity. Said light source is typically spread between transparent electrodes, thus facilitating the plasticity and alluring appearance that characterizes OLEDs.

In Edge, Levete uses the material to excellent effect. The light is a simple zig-zag of self-supporting metal. A single groove serves as the repository for a brightly colored electrical cord, and the OLED panel itself is discretely hidden underneath the upper-most plane of steel. Established and Sons says Edge was designed to showcase the new technology, whose merits include “no flicker, no glare, and no excessive heat emission.” Additionally, when Edge is off, one can’t even tell where the light comes from (the inert OLED panel resembles a mirror).

As the name suggests, Edge is certainly at the outer reaches of A & D. In regards to concept, design, and functionality, Levete’s new light is definitely a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come.

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