Design Miami 2016: Alloy Bench by Betil Dagdelen

Design Miami 2016: Alloy Bench by Betil Dagdelen

Born in Izmir, Turkey, Betil Dagdelen is a primarily self-taught weaver who uses the furniture's frame as the loom. She previously worked as a production and set designer in New York, where she took classes at Parsons The New School for Design. In her quest to perfect her technique, Dagdelen has also studied with indigenous communities in Mexico and Peru.


The Cristina Grajales Gallery presented Dagdelen's Alloy Bench, constructed of powder-coated aluminum pipes, steel, marine rope, and upholstery fabric. One of an edition of 20, Alloy Bench is serpentine and lush, its greens and golds taking on the sheen of scales. But Alloy Bench also resembles African bangles and pipe instruments, among other things-it is nothing if not permutable.


The frame is all clean lines and perfect circles. Seen from the side, Alloy Bench accentuates the pipes, each circular form as perfect as Bauhaus geometry. The light, slim legs emphasize the weight and complexity of Alloy Bench's woven seat, creating a piece with captivating balance.


Visit to see more work by Betil Dagdelen.

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