Need Not Arrange Anymore by Kim Ji-hye

There’s something very evocative about turning a dial–or a krank for that matter. Design that incorporates motion appeals to our childhood selves. Objects like Krank and Pump Light offer a tactile pleasure reminiscent of all manner of construction games. If you couldn’t get enough of those logs and wheels from your early years, opt for pieces like the creative Need Not Arrange Anymore, a circular bookshelf with a star in the middle that works as a dial. The hanging white bookcase attaches to any wall, where its central red starfish-shaped control makes of your book collection an art.

Need Not Arrange Anymore. Designed by Kim Ji-hye.

Need Not Arrange Anymore by Kim Ji-hyeNeed Not Arrange Anymore by Kim Ji-hye

Books rest on the white shelves that line the outer circle, and they rest on the red shelves that line the inner circle–sometimes on both. The red lever works as a non-organizing system–hence the name Need Not Arrange Anymore. The display of the books themselves is meant to substitute for their lack of arrangement. Designer Kim Ji-hye wants to break the book world of its penchant for rigid methodology: “Well-organized bookshelf drives us to keep the status of the lined books on it. We can throw out those obsessive feelings by enjoying chaotic status of putting books freely as the chaos makes the status of the cosmos in a little while.” So forget the cards and labels, ignore the categories and subjects, and just put those titles on the shelf in any way imaginable.

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