Dreaming of Eggs: Caviar Collection by Laura Kirar for Arteriors

There’s something to love about chandeliers and pendants that feature globes. I’m not sure if the shape is reminiscent of baubles or bubbles, balls or bells, but blow a perfect sphere of glass and I’m immediately captivated. The Caviar Lighting Collection from Arteriors takes advantage of all that the crystal orb has to offer–a tinge of the planetary, a dash of the circumrotatory, and a sprinkling of the magic ball.

Caviar Collection. Designed by Laura Kirar for Arteriors.

An infusion of metal makes the haloes in Caviar Pendant and Caviar Cluster even more interesting. Both the single suspension light and the grouped chandelier include trumpets of steel or brown nickel that lend a heavenly note to the perfect glass rounds. Designed by Laura Kirar, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, Caviar Lighting spotlights “simple materials, industrial elegance, and a musical flow.”

Dreaming of Eggs: Caviar Collection by Laura Kirar for Arteriors

Available in steel and smoke-glass with brown nickel or clear glass and polished nickel, the Caviar lights hang from the ceiling like stars in the firmament, throwing complex patterns of light and shadow onto walls. There is something in a name, of course–and this may explain my attraction to these fixtures. Caviar, a culinary delicacy made of fish roe, delivers these pendant lights into the realm of the egg–a design staple we much admire here at 3rings (see Viaggi, Eggs Floor Lamp, and Egg Chair for starters). However you envision it, the Caviar Lighting Collection is a globose dream in illumination: it’s a clarion trapped within a globe–can you hear the music of the spheres?

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