Australia Comes Into Bloom with Marc Pascal’s Orchid Lamp

Marc Pascal’s new lighting fixture Orchid is an “exotic and playful” lamp that’s always one-of-a-kind. Why? Because Orchid’s color schemes are customized for every lamp: “Each lamp is hand-made and dyed and can be customized to your taste, producing an individualized mix of colors and shapes and an emotionally engaging statement piece for residential or commercial spaces.” The materials of this floral lamp are hand-dyed polycarbonate, silicon aluminium hydro stone, stainless steel spring wire and urethane resin.

Orchid Lamp. Designed by Marc Pascal for Designs Abroad.

Orchid employs a mathematical formula for its signature color: pieces are 80% white and 20% multi-color (the 20% is based on available Pascal models or a Dulux color chart).

Crafted in Mark Pascal’s Melbourne studio, Orchid Lamps are available as pendant, table or floor lamps. Whichever model you prefer, two of the dimensions remain the same: 43.3in W x 33.5in L–the span of the captivating botanical sprays. I enjoy the pendant Orchid Lamp in particular–reveling in the idea that a cluster of blooms has sprung to life before my eyes like a paradisiacal hallucination. But the table and floor options put the orchids on a slender pedestal, propped atop a slim steel stem like a spray of bouquet flowers. And by attaching the buds with a tensile stainless wire, Pascal makes the Orchid pompons peppy and spry. Animating the monocots captures “the mysterious and stunning qualities of the wild orchid flower.” You can revel in the Orchid Lamp’s beauty for a long time: the shade separates from the base for easy cleaning. Available through Designs Abroad, which brings Australian design to a global audience, Orchid encapsulates the company’s belief that the region’s “designs are epitomised by the landscapes, lifestyle and character of the country's people who have a strong connection with nature.”

Australia Comes Into Bloom with Marc Pascal's Orchid Lamp

Australia Comes Into Bloom with Marc Pascal's Orchid Lamp

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