Tribute to Childhood: Turno Coffee Table by Jules & Jeremy

Not everyone gets to have the famed “best friend” of childhood. Fewer still get to keep the schooldays sidekick. I count myself lucky to maintain even a sketchy friendship with my college roommate, luckier still to continue my tenuous association with my elementary school buddies. Who else would understand my aversion to milk and fear of firecrackers? Nobody. And certainly there are no other people besides my childhood amigos who could reminisce about the glory days of roller skating (ah, those fond memories of the Backwards

Turno Coffee. Designed by Jules & Jeremy.

Snake and the Eagle Cross)! In The Netherlands, I surmise that friendships last longer. Why? Very little proof admittedly, except that the entire country is small enough that two lads could remain in contact over the passing decades, and that the country is home to Jules & Jeremy, two famous designers who claim to be “friends since childhood.”

Tribute to Childhood: Turno Coffee Table by Jules & Jeremy

Jules Ponsioen and Jeremy Nagel work across art and design fields. Their furniture collection tastefully exhibits their vision of working “with simple shapes (less is more).” Using a form that recalls “a touch of the twenties,” Jules & Jeremy created the Turno Coffee Table, a round white lacquer and natural wood combination that uses glass for beauty and function. Giving the circular Turno depth and gloss, the glass also “makes is possible for the items to remain in sight witch adds liveliness to the table”–the items in question being all that stuff we tend to pile on coffee tables (which Jules & Jeremy don’t ignore, thankfully). Turno comes in teak or rosewood; in natural, warm, and dark colors; with wood finishes of wax-oil or lacquer (matte, silk, or high gloss). The table measures 110 cm x 110 cm x 31 cm with a 10 mm glass. Polished stainless steel legs add to Turno’s old Hollywood glamour.

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