NeoCon 2023 Preview: Tables and Benches by Allermuir

NeoCon 2023 Preview: Tables and Benches by Allermuir

Allermuir offers an impressive line-up of new products for NeoCon 2023, including a collection of versatile mix-and-match tables and an iconic indoor/outdoor table/bench that evokes the best of summer.

Batan product family

Pictured above, Batan is comprised of three distinct table families: Extruded Blend, Soft Folds, and compact Plinth.

Batan thin with plinth base

Batan aspires to a crucial element in today’s dynamic workspaces: diversity. With different shapes, heights, surfaces, and base styles, Batan fits the needs of design-driven environments, “however you style Batan, there is no right or wrong formation.” Materials for Batan include marble, terrazzo, solid oak, glass, and spun brass.

Batan family top view with terrazzo style table

Tibo, by Allermuir x Gabbertas Studio is a table/bench system in laminated ply or MDF for indoor/outdoor use.

Tibo oblong table in wood view from above

Evoking the familiar typologies of the classic picnic table, Tibo goes a step further with a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes, including round, mid-oblong, and large-oblong.

Tibo table wood detail

Tibo also features an aluminum frame. This departure from the unwieldy picnic table of years past makes Tibo more versatile and better-looking, as the ground-level elements are minimized for clearer sight lines. The aluminum base also makes installing and leveling relatively pain-free. And it’s recyclable at end of use.

Tibo close-up side view

Visit NeoCon and check out both new collections at the Allermuir showroom (shared with Senator), Suite 1112, Floor 11.

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