Bless You Lamp by Dima Loginoff

Tadao Ando's Church of the Light in Osaka, Japan has the ability to transport even non-spiritual people into the realm of the spiritual. Light penetrates through a cruciform cut in the concrete wall behind the altar to produce a radiant, glowing effect. Within the profoundly empty space - light rules. Award-winning Russian designer Dima Loginoff uses a similar idea within his desk lamp, aptly titled Bless You Lamp. Even if you're not buying the godly effect of the radiant cross, it might at least be moving in some way, shape, or form.

Bless You Lamp. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

A shining beckon of hope; or a pathway into the realm of spirituality. Since Church of Light exists an ocean away (at least for many), Bless You Lamp is potentially your only shot at having this radiance close to home. While the colored ones are cool, I'd suggest the black to more effectively channel Tadao Ando's concrete church- all about the play between light and dark. Beyond aesthetics, its LED technology makes it an energy-saving option. One complaint: it seems that this concept only exists as a table lamp, yet I'd much rather see it at a larger scale.

Bless You Lamp by Dima Loginoff

Bless You Lamp is a far cry from Dima Loginoff's lighting conceptĀ Male, a celebration of nature in all its glory. But that merely reinforces the versatility of the designer. Bless You Lamp is not yet commercially produced, but was awarded at Design and Design International Awards in Paris and is a part of the Design and Design Yearbook Volume Three.

Bless You Lamp by Dima Loginoff

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Posted March 2, 2010 by Jenny Rector

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