Lovely Lullaby: Private Cloud 1.2 by Mkloker Design

As sad as it may seem, we all have a desire to return to the womb. What else would draw us so strongly to everything egg-shaped? I, for one, envy lots of things from childhood. I would like all my clothes to be made of incredibly soft cotton, and would especially enjoy pajamas with built-in feet. A comfy onesie for every day of the week sounds rather nice! I haven’t outgrown being sung to, as long as the one doing the singing can carry a tune. And I haven’t outgrown the pleasures of being rocked.

Private Cloud 1.2. Designed by Mkloker Design.

Of course, I no longer get to sit in someone’s lap while I’m hypnotized to sleep in a rocking chair–that would be entering fetish territory. But still, I enjoy a train ride, where the movement of the car on its tracks creates a lulling back and forth motion. And I like to swing or simply lie in a hammock–all of the acceptable adult ways of enjoying a good rock.




Stuttgart-based company Mkloker Design recognizes the wonder of such motion. Their line of rocking beds encase you in subtle jouncing. In support of my womb theory, many of their models are also egg-shaped, but today we will not go into that. Instead, I’d like to discuss their pared down bed frame, Private Cloud 1.2. Made of ash and oak, natural or oiled, Private Cloud 1.2 is a simple bed frame with one major distinction–instead of legs, it’s got rocking legs. The bed rides on swooping, curvy half moons that rock you to sleep, so you can dream of electric sheep. Since Private Cloud 1.2 is meant for adults, the rocking frame has some additional pleasures. You can stop the bed with feet, angling the mattress at whatever degree suits your needs. Reading? Then lock the feet in place at the perfect position. No need to spend minutes arranging or fluffing your pillows. Watching television? Same solution. You can stop Private Cloud 1.2 at many different angles: prop your feet up if you’ve got a broken leg or swollen ankle; lower your head if you want to get the blood rushing to your brain. This bed frame presents the best of both worlds: a childishly delicious rocking motion in a sleek adult style.

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