LoftCube by LoftCube GmbH

LoftCube by LoftCube GmbH


began in 2004 when Werner Aisslinger had a vision for "an extraordinary, mobile loft to relax, work and share life with friends." Since then, the LoftCube has broadened its purpose to include contract markets. Now available for retail, hotel, and business venues, LoftCube is a smart answer to unique spatial needs.


German-based LoftCube now offers four models, ranging from LC 34 (366 square feet) to LC 85 (915 square feet). Intended for "someone special who is creative and likes to distinguish themselves from competitors," LoftCube is a futuristic, light-filled pod with innovative technology and high-quality materials. It is also lightweight and quick to install-features that make it ideal for contract markets.


In three or four months, hotels can install LoftCubes on their property or roof. And the installation process is quiet, so hotels can add a LoftCube while guests are present. LoftCube is also a good option for retail use. Stores can pop up in relatively small city lots. Recently, an LC 60 opened in Frankfurt's Westend financial district, housing a sales office for an exclusive development.


Winner of the 2016 Gold Edison Award in Home & Office, LoftCube fills a design niche for "urban nomads."

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