Design Miami 2016: Cocoon by Campana Brothers for Louis Vuitton

Design Miami 2016: Cocoon by Campana Brothers for Louis Vuitton

For the first time this year, Louis Vuitton is participating in Design Miami as an exhibitor. In the past, the company has simply sponsored the show. Their entry into the world of limited-edition design comes in the form of Objets Nomades, a group of travel-inspired furniture, much of which uses the supple leather for which the French company is so well known.


For Objets Nomades, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with internationally recognized designers, not the least of which is the imaginative Brazilian duo, Campana Brothers. In 2008, they were behind a series of whimsical stuffed animal chairs. In 2016, they are no less conceptual-although their materials are much more luxurious.


Now working in leather, Campana Brothers present Cocoon, a pendant egg with an organic lattice frame whose sinuous lines resemble fire coral. Cocoon represents the womb in which we all originated, cradling the body in beautiful, private space.


The hanging chair is available in eight colors, each of which will be offered in an edition of eight.


At the Louis Vuitton Design District Store in Miami, Cocoon is on display in all its colorful incarnations, a vivid assemblage of suspended ova.


Fur Cocoon is also available, exclusively in black.

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