Instinctive Eco Furniture by Brainstream Design

It is possible for a company to make an inherently sustainable product without realizing it? In the current environment where companies are racing to green their products for a competitive edge, I am flabbergasted to have come across one such company. By no means is Brainsteam Design unaware of sustainability or recycled content, however the first product which caught my attention as innovative sustainable design, the Folding Chair and Ottoman, barely touches upon the environmental points of the piece. Each piece is made up of a single sheet of plywood, resulting in only 0.5% waste per piece.

Folding Chair. Designed by Brainstream Design.

Brainstream Design has taken the pop-up book concept and turned it into furniture that is minimalistic and fun. The driving force behind the design seems to be ease of set-up, take down, and transport, although if it were made from formaldehyde-free plywood, bamboo plywood or wheatboard, the furniture would be an incredibly eco-conscious design. No tools or glue are required for set-up, and the piece folds flat into a 60” x 30” rectangle for moving or storage.





The Bamboo Segmented Chair delves into eco-friendly design, with bamboo, recycled foam, and recyclable aluminum making up its components. In addition to the materials being eco-conscious, the design allows for adjustability to encourage the user to adapt the chair to fit their changing needs instead of throwing it in the trash and buying a new chair. The chair reminds me of something we had in my hometown public library and I like it. While not suitable for every style, it looks comfortable, modern and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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