Estiluz’s Mitzy Lamp

It’s not your average lampshade. Mitzy, a series of floor, wall, table and pendant lamps by King & Miranda Design for Estiluz, features a traditional lamp base, wall-mounting or suspension detail –  but its “lampshade” is something out of the norm. The polycarbonate form is covered with a textured elastic washable shade, whose “texture” consists of a pattern similar to honeycomb: a lattice of hexagonal cells that lets light permeate at varying degrees across its surface (check out Tómas Gabzdil Libertiny’s Honeycomb vases and Yar Rassadin’s Beehouse lamp for reference).

Mitzy Lamp. Designed by King & Miranda Design for Estiluz.

Beyond the materiality itself, its form is curvaceous – and somehow brings about visions of a one-eyed monster (the lightbulb being the eye, if you will). King & Miranda Design’s work is described (by Estiluz) as having “a poetic…and very often humorous” nature. Mitzy seems to fit the bill. The design duo, Perry King and Santiago Miranda, founded King-Miranda Associati (or King & Miranda Design) in 1976. For them, design requires attention not only to the technical and financial aspects, but above all to cultural and sociological facets. “They believe in contemporary design, beyond any ideology” and are interested in utilizing technology and industrial methods in new ways within their work.




Mitzy provides both direct and indirect light as a result of its semi-permeable shade and “punctured” form. The textile cover is removable – and thus an additional cover, in another color perhaps – is optional. Beyond that, it makes the design ever-more practical and convenient. Spanish lighting manufacturer Estiluz has become one of the leading decorative lighting manufacturers in the world, with a facility over 11,000 square meters and equipped with the latest production technology (including state-of-the-art laser cutting technology).

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