Who doesn’t dream of snow capped mountains, blue skies and a big orange bathtub right in the middle! Okay, maybe not one of the most conventional images out there, but as someone said, “normal is boring!”

Dutchtub in orange on vernada overlooking winter mountain scene

DutchTub, wood fired hot tub. Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek.

Meet the DutchTub! The name may not conjure the most decadent images, however it does claim to contribute to the “worldwide outdoor-bathing culture” which makes it worthwhile in our books. This novel tub has been constructed from natural wood, which along with the innovative construction ensures durability and comfort.

orange in summer mountain scene

So how does the simply titled DutchTub work its magic? Well read on!

view from behind with woman bathing in wildflower garden at night with string lights

After filling the tub with water, a fire can be started in the attached basket to kick start the heating process. The hot water starts to rise in the spiral, which automatically starts pouring in through the spiral, and begins circulating from the bottom to the top. The temperature is adjustable and to warm 700 liters of cold water the tub takes around two and a half hours.

Boy in orange Dutchtub in backyard with trees

As explained by the creators, “Dutchtub is more than a product, it’s a way of engaging in your environment (whereever you are) and upgrading your possibilities within public or private space.”

orange tub on backyard patio

The DutchTub may not be exactly a speed demon when it comes to matter of heating, however the whole point is the experience and not just the act!

Woman in blue Dutchtub next to lily pad covered lake

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