Calanc’s Portable Outdoor Kitchen

While yesterday’s post focused on transforming the world of work at home to the al fresco experience of the OfficePod, today’s review is of a decidedly more enjoyable outdoorsy bent: Calanc’s La Plancha Sur Roulette Christophe (stateside, that’s “Christophe Mobile Kitchen On Wheels,” but the French makes it sound so much more refined). Billed as “the latest and greatest portable outdoor essential,” the “Christophe” is an attractive, compact, versatile, and relatively lightweight conduit into full-fledged gourmandism sans the familiar constraints of the kitchen.

Christophe. Designed by Calanc.

In layman’s terms, this means Calanc’s new product gives you the tools to serve sophisticated foodstuffs outside. Comprised of rolling casters, a gas ignition, mini range, and an integrated mini-fridge—all encompassed in a handsome exterior of polished stainless steel and handsome slatted wood—the Christophe is really the millennial take on the familiar picnic basket. Pragmatically, the upshot is that instead of toting around that clumsy cooler dripping with melted ice and filled to the brim with PBR, you can instead load up Christophe with vintage Pinot Gris, tureens of crème d’asperge, and gleaming porcelain cups filled with escargots bourguignons.


The scenario might be of a generational sort. That is, Christophe may be one of those devices that has a specific allure to a specific demographic. So if you’re “of a certain age,” an age when a leisurely wine repast under the bowers of an oak begins to sound more enticing than a bucket of Corona, a bag of chips, and a Frisbee, than Christophe might be a good option. It lets you enjoy your preferred delicacies under the sun or the stars.

Via Trendir.

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