Ruché Sofa by Inga Sempé For Ligne Roset

Maybe it’s the economy or the cold weather, but quilting has come back into style – merging luxury with craftsmanship and old with new, satisfying our nostalgic leanings with contemporary forms. Moor, Philippe Starck’s new swivel armchair for Driade and the Bouroullec brothers Quilt for Established and Sons both demonstrate this trend – as does French designer Inga Sempé‘s latest settee, Ruché for Ligne Roset.

Ruché Sofa. Designed by Inga Sempé For Ligne Roset.

The intricate detailing of the settee’s upholstery is reminscent of a duvet – and sitting on Ruché perhaps second only to being wrapped in one. Debuted at Maison et Objet 2010 and IMM Cologne this month, Ruché has a solid beach structure (either natural or stained) with slim legs. It appears to be neatly draped in quilted upholstery, which wraps around its minimal frame and thick mattress, “a kind of boutis stitch or padding made using a cross-hatching of interrupted seams. Alternately flattened by the stitches then set free, the fabric ‘curls’ in places, giving rise both to its unique appearance and to its name, Ruché (a gathered or pleated fabric which serves as decoration on a piece of clothing).” Never sacrificing comfort for style, the armrest is mounted on elastic webbing that enables the sitter to lean back.

Sempé explains that she was inspired by swing seats, “the kind of rocking seats which one brings out in the garden in summertime, made from tubing and fabric, which possess a lightness I like very much.” Like them, Ruché combines rigidity and flexibility,” with an airy aesthetic and minimalism.









Inga Sempé is one of the most renowned female designers today – and with good reason. She’s a master at creating beautiful, functional objects. Within her settees, one can see a definitive trend emerge of wrapping upholstery – from Moël for Ligne Roset, and of course Sofa Coussin for LK Hjelle. Ruché is a more formal and elegant interpretation of this concept than last year’s more casual and plush Sofa Coussin. Perhaps she feels we need a bit less coddling in 2010?

In addition to the two and three-seat versions, footstool and classic one-arm settee, Ruché is offered in a one-arm settee version with integral table surface at the end of its seat to accommodate a tray, books, a lamp, etc.

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