Pedrali and Patrick Norguet Want You to Meet Jeff

Pedrali and Patrick Norguet Want You to Meet Jeff

Jeff. A simple name for a simple sofa. In fact, when asked to provide three adjectives that characterize Jeff, designer Norguet says, “Simplicity. Timelessness. Comfort.”

Jeff in blue, cutout

Designed to walk that careful balance between residential and contract, Jeff is a compact piece with a modular element. It’s soft and welcoming (note the rounded corners of the seats), yet elegant with a contemporary profile.

Small section of modular sofa in room with yellow floor lamp and two transparent tables

Perhaps Jeff’s most-distinguishing feature is the contrast between the seating elements and supportive structure: “The squared backrest pairs with a delicate seat to soften and give balance to the whole structure in a pleasing harmony of volumes.”

Jeff in white with colorful pillows against built-in bookshelves

Jeff is made of non-deformable polyurethane foam that rests on a plywood platform. It’s held ever so slightly off the ground by concealed feet, further emphasizing the sofa’s low profile and compact form.

Sofa in Pedrali showroom

Elements may be joined and un-coupled courtesy of small hooks that provide easy, seamless options for re-arrangement.

Jeff blue in fanciful rendered room

Find out more at Pedrali and Patrick Norguet.

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