Chips Keeping System by Andrey Bondarenko

Slim pockets, flat shelves… it’s all the same. Well, sort of. Chips Keeping System is a concept project by Ukrainian designer Andrey Bondarenko that can be configured into a smooth wall, concealed storage, exhibition space – or some combination of all three. It consists of flexible plates connected to a metal skeleton, such that the surface is broken into what looks like an array of pixels. With the numerous, easy options for configuring and reconfiguring this wall system, you’ll never grow bored.

Chips Keeping System. Designed by Andrey Bondarenko.

Each plate is fastened to the skeleton on its bottom edge  by an elastic fabric and can fold in, partially in or out: a magazine rack, bookshelf or solid wall. Use it against a solid wall or as a partition; Chips practically defines convertible storage. It has the functionality to flatten into a surface where space restrictions demand it – and the capacity to fulfill storage needs. It can adapt to your ever-changing collection of books, catalogues and tchotchkes- never looking empty – yet never filling up (hopefully at least). Like REK’s Expandable Bookshelf, its storage capacity changes as you reconfigure it.






Individual modules measure 600 mm x 30 mm, and can be used can be used alone or in a series, connected to form a wide wall. Through the use of color, its pixelated form can either be enhanced or subdued. Regardless, there’s lots of room to play and personalize. Chips is both a panelized wall system and a shelf, simultaneously. Not to mention, it’s very attractive.

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