Suzanne Dresser Quintet

Suzanne Dresser Quintet

Designer Helena Dařbujánová explores the depth of drawers and the depths of memories with Suzanne first five dressers.

Suzanne sole dresser in green with red bead necklace

Each item in this collection pays homage to a specific Suzanne: a President, a successful business woman, a rainy-day friend, the protagonist of a Leonard Cohen song, and a grandmother.

Woman hugging chest of drawers

The dressers feature velvet-lined drawers, “to store all our treasures: rings from funny gold and those with diamonds, letters from our former boyfriends, and from our kids sent from summer camps … all our memories (except for spouses, they simply won´t fit).”

Suzanne detail of chest of drawers with single drawer in green with colored stripes
Five chest of drawers with the designer

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