Twill Textiles

Is it possible to get the look of handwoven fabric if it’s not handwoven? That’s what interior designer Suzanne Lovell and handweaver Sam Kasten sought to answer with their joint venture, Twill Textiles. So far, their line of unique fabrics has indeed worked to replicate the style and feel of handweaving. Headquartered in Chicago, Twill Textiles offers a wide range of fabrics designed for both contract and residential markets, including their Climatex® Lifecycle™ Home Collection, “a line of luxurious, sustainable eco-friendly fabrics designed specifically for the home.”

Twil Textiles. Designed by Suzanne Lovell and Sam Kasten.

Twill Textiles’ new releases offer a wide array of choices, especially in the way of unusual and rich textures. Glazed Linen, an Italian 88% linen/12% polyurethane blend, comes in warm colors such as Dark Red and Espresso, neutral tones such as Natural and Khaki Green, and cool hues such as Lagoon and Silver. The “glaze” gives this linen a sheen “you won’t believe.” Due to the success of their previous Snake pattern in chenille, another new fabric is Silkskin, composed of 55% silk and 45% linen. Also Italian, Silkskin recreates the Snake pattern with the added luxury of silk. Available in appropriately reptilian Sage, Shale, Copperhead, Steel, and Pearl.




An addition to their sustainable collection, Bricks is “a modern, bold pattern that can live just as easily in the contract world as it does in the comforts of home.” Featuring a geometric maze repeat, Bricks is a heavier textile with its 91% wool and 9% ramie. From Switzerland, Bricks earns the independent Cradle to Cradle certification, as well as LEED points. With colors as bold as Peacock, a red and blue combination, and Lagoon, a grey and charcoal pairing, Bricks is a good choice for both primary and accent fabrics. Twill Textiles succeeds in transferring Sam Kasten’s handcraft onto machine looms without losing “the heart and soul of handweaving.”

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