NeoCon 2024: Luxe Luxx

NeoCon 2024: Luxe Luxx

Luxxbox was proud to show off their enhanced oeuvre at the just-concluded NeoCon 2024, with four new styles of acoustic lighting that, in sum, offer a harmonious blend of sight, light, and sound attenuation with shapes that run the gamut from organic forms to streamlined designs to flowy otherworldly incarnations that offer the beautiful billows of fine drapery.

Kurtain acoustic lighting in various colors

As you can see from the above, Kurtain is an acoustic fixture offering all the suspense of an anticipated film about to start. Kurtain not only absorbs sound (ideal for open environments) but also creates a compelling visual statement with its approximation of billowing fabric.

Kurtain room scene with green/blue fixtures and matchiing modular seating arranged as long couch

Illi Bon is like a candy-colored confection. Just the same as a diminutive sweet treat, Illi Bon packs a punch within its relatively small parameters—”With soft PET outer gills and a high-output LED, it’s perfect for spaces with size constraints or clustered arrangements.”

Illi Bon pendants close-in view four colors
Illi Bon close view forest green two fixtures
Then there’s Sierra. Like an Essentialist’s reproduction of a mountain peak, Sierra features a slick cone-shaped design in recycled PET and premium wool. Its glass-diffused LED makes a great aesthetic counterpart for its vast range of 77 colors.

Luxxbox Sierra pendants at different heights in open space and above conference table
Sierra in red in white walled room with white chairs and red pillows

Finally we come to Stalik. This stunning, contemporary acoustic pendant is like an abstract recreation of the crystal deposits called Stalactites that exude themselves day-by-day from the tops of caves and caverns. Stalik looks great as a single pendant or hung in dramatic clustered arrangements.

Stalik close view yellow, green blue pendants
Stalik detail vibrant green

Luxxbox’s latest joins the existing range of popular acoustic lights, Hemii, Cono, and Illi. See Luxxbox to find out more.

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