Regain Your Soul in Leggera by Ceramica Flaminia

Of all the differing opinions about bathroom design, most agree on one thing: the bathroom is a place to relax. The association may be based on the privacy one earns upon stepping foot into a bathroom. Or it may be that the bathroom is the room in which one ministers to the body—resting, cleansing, pampering. Still it may be a matter of matter: water being associated with healing. Italian company Ceramica Flaminia agrees with all of the above: lie in one of their bathtubs in order to get away from “this frantic world” and “find yourself and your soul again.”

Leggera. Designed by Gilda Borgnini for Ceramica Flaminia.

Designer Gilda Borgnini interpreted Ceramica Flaminia’s philosophy with Leggera, a unique bathtub meant to recall a handkerchief holding water. Inside Leggera, “the human being, free from the weight of daily routine, can find its dimension and its identity again, in a play of empty and full spaces where light lines, thin surfaces and imperceptible volumes are the real protagonists.” You might get a little lost inside Leggera—but that’s exactly the point of its “important dimension.” Let the real world disappear as you sink into the generous curves.



Leggera is available in the standard white, beige, and black, as well as in the more unusual ultramarine, sand, and red. The ultramarine recalls the beautiful lines of a manta ray soaring through the deep blue seas. Sand echoes the shifting dunes of exotic deserts. Red works best for fire signs, and white for air. Depending on the color, Leggera appeals to the entire astrological wheel. Crawl inside and regain yourself (and your self).

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