The Erosion Shower Base by DNA +

DNA +’s Erosion Flush Shower Base isn’t the first product on 3rings to evoke the passage of time. About two years back, in fact, we covered the Erosion Sink by Gore Design. While DNA +’s version isn’t as topographically intricate as the latter, it’s every bit as compelling—the slightly recessed entry into this contemporary shower enclosure is seamless, strong, and “white as snow itself.”

Erosion Shower Base. Manufactured by DNA +.

The Erosion Shower Base Features DNA +’s Patented EON Solid Surface

While the Erosion Shower Base may not offer a scientifically-inspired depiction of the way landscapes change over time, it does evoke the particular alteration caused by a unique natural event: the rhythmical dripping of condensation from a palm frond, say, or the steady flow of water through a localized swirling eddy.

Erosion Shower Base. Manufactured by DNA +.

The effect of Erosion’s simple circular divot is that of a small customized space, perfectly accommodated to a biped’s stance—and a minimalist biped at that, as Erosion’s footprint is small, its aesthetic understated.

Erosion Shower Base. Manufactured by DNA +.

With Erosion, the seamless passage between shower and floor is modulated by matching slotted wenge platforms. This duo of attractive wooden lattices is the ideal place to stand and drip dry—quite an improvement over the typical bathroom rug, in terms of function as well as textural appeal.

Erosion Shower Base. Manufactured by DNA +.

The EON Solid Surface featured in Erosion is now DNA +’s primary choice for casting washbasins, tubs, shower-trays, and bath accessories. A  composite material made of acrylic polymer and natural minerals, EON is durable and attractive—competitive in performance with both Cristalplant and Corian. EON is also an environmentally friendly material: inert, non-toxic,  and 100% recyclable.

Finish options for Erosion include pure white matte or glossy. The Erosion Shower base is available with or without the accompanying side platter pictured.

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About the Manufacturer: DNA + is dedicated to the notion that the solution (regardless of the question) resides within each of us: “sense of design is by nature inscribed into the human DNA… at DNA+ we spend a long time observing and trying to understand the complexity and richness of nature so product designs will improve living environments.” The company’s line of modular bath products does the very same. Making great use of their patented recyclable EON surface material, DNA + routinely produces highly-functional and ecologically-sensitive product. The company’s line enconpasses washbasins, tubs, showers, and accessories, as well as indoor lighting.

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