Duravit’s New Collection has the Elegance of a White Tulip

Duravit’s New Collection has the Elegance of a White Tulip

Leave it to Philippe Starck to design an entire suite of bathroom furniture around a single, simple image.

White Tulip circular tub in airy bathroom

Circular Tub from the White Tulip Nature collection

The image is that of a white tulip, and the aesthetic is one of sculptural subtlety—each item in the collection evokes the nearly imperceptible curve of the flower in bloom, and the subtle motion as the petals gradually fall away.

White Tulip console with white washbasin and metal frame

Chrome console. White Tulip Culture collection.

Duravit and Starck have divided the collection into two stylistic motifs: Nature and Culture, evoking, respectively, the organic shapes of the outdoors and the straighter lines of an urban venue: “adding a unique touch to organic living spaces as they blend harmoniously to create an ambience with cosmopolitan flair.”

White Tulip oval tub with vanity and matching cabinets in in putty color

Tub and console from the Culture collection

White Tulip vanity and matching cabinet with wood fronts and partial glimpse of tub

Vanity from the Nature collection

The two collections offer a slightly different feel, but they are by no means mutually exclusive. These are pieces that blur time and incorporate a sense of story. As Starck himself says, “it could either be an ancient collection which would have been modern at the time, or a modern collection with a memory of the past.”

White Tulip close-up of matching basins in white
White Tulip pedestal vanity in charcoal with white washbasin

The first full bathroom created entirely by Philippe Starck, White Tulip is comprised of bathtubs, washbasins, furniture, toilets, and bidets, as well as a complementary collection of mirrors and faucets. See Duravit and Philippe Starck to find out more.

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