Preso, Wind, and Dune: Door Handles by Manital

Who doesn’t appreciate a good door handle? Well, probably most people, in actuality, which is one reason the philosophical Godfather of much modern design, Mies van der Rohe, had to remind us that “God is in the details.” Though the origins and meaning of the phrase is a subject of much contention, the German architect certainly was suggesting something about the importance of the overall synchrony and consilience of a project, which is perhaps another way of saying not to neglect the little things. Italian door handle manufacturer Manital has definitely taken the notion to heart.

Presso Gold. Designed by Mario Mazzer for Manital.

Their latest offerings include the evocative pieces “Preso,” “Wind,” and “Dune,” each of which offers the kind of sleek profile and textural appeal that’s—if you’ll pardon a clumsy inversion—“easy on the hands.” Manital says their dedication to the “instrument of aperture” arises from “an attention to detail, a love for minimalist particulars, and a passion for design” (if you’ll pardon a clumsy translation). The company’s devotion to the “little things” shows in each of the hundreds of handles they create. Preso, an Italian term that translates as “by,” “withal,” or “thereby” is minimalist and geometrical, offering an appealing fusion of curves and straight lines; Wind is just a touch more risqué, sporting a broad undulation that references the natural phenomena it’s named for; and Dune falls somewhere in between, its languorous yet contained lines mimicking the deposition of sand on a hillside.


Wind Gold. Designed by Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi for Manital.


Wind Bronze. Designed by Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi for Manital.


Dune Satin Silver. Designed by Maurizio Giordano for Roberto Grossi for Manital.


Preso Silver. Designed by Mario Mazzer for Manital.

As with all of Manital’s handles, Preso, Wind, and Dune come in your choice of six finishes: brass, bronze, or chrome in satined or polished styles. Owing to the manufacturer’s combination of excellent design and specialized expertise, Manital has become something of an international industry standard for handles. Their larger clients include luxury hotels across Europe and the Middle East, including the Dylan Hotel in Dublin, the Ukranian Hotel in Russia, and the Saba Twin Towers in Dubai.

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