Lucente’s Noa Series

Lucente’s new series of Noa Lamps remind me of several earlier achievements in lighting products featured on 3rings. First, there’s the evocation of the storied tradition of Murano glass as epitomized in the Due Ether Chandelier; second—in the way they drape down from on high with a particular blend of casual insouciance and whimsical joviality—they put me in mind of Dima Loginoff’s Trunk; third, the happy interplay between color and shape suggest a circus ambiance, reminding me of Hugh Hayden’s inimitable Funature. The Noa line consists of the aforementioned mouth-blown Murano glass fashioned into airborne spheroids of brightly colored glass lamps.

Noa Collection. Designed by Lucente..

Though the frivolous aesthetic of the line’s suspension lamps is most pronounced, the Noa Collection includes multiple incarnations (with the unifying hallmark of that ineffably bright circular lamp): there are tabletop, flush-mount, wall-mount, and floor models, each featuring diffusers in Lucente’s signature shades of apple-green, orange-orange, or white on white. The hanging lamps look so light they seem to defy the rules of gravity, so airy they appear filled with helium. The shaft and base of the tabletop and floor models are finished in white matte metal.



The lamps possess an aesthetic recalling the best days of Barnum & Bailey—which might please those who think the world is all lollipops and gumballs—but Noa readily adapts to more somber schemes. While Lucente suggests a unified monochrome arrangement for a truly contemporary look, the range of colors and sizes leaves room for plenty of creative dabbling. Punctuate a dark-toned space with a dash of pure (artificial) sunlight by introducing a glowing orange orb; or create visual and textural contrast to an autumn-toned scheme with an intriguing intrusion of apple green phosphorescence.

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