Herms Baby Slide

Contemplating kids? While you might not be ready to run out and buy a baby carriage, it could be something to think about come time for a bathroom redesign. Herms has launched an innovative, multi-functional piece of bathroom furniture designed to suit all stages of our lives – including those than involve needy newborns. It fits the role of a changing table, a sink, a tub and a storage cabinet all in one.

Baby Slide. Designed by Herms.

Lets face it, although they’re cute and charming – newborns cause fear, confusion and exhaustion in new parents. Herms Baby Slide aims to make this experience easier, such that bath time is a relaxing experience rather than a complicated one. With the slide of a lid, the unit transforms into a bathtub for an infant and back into a storage cabinet for towels and other bathroom essentials. The dual bath furniture and changer is integrated into a cabinet with a built-in countertop washbasin. A portable baby bath and changer fit within the system to fulfill parenting needs, “allowing you to swathe [your baby] in towels instantly – and most importantly, safely.”








Designed to be attractive, it features a modern design better likened to modern bathroom concepts, such as Wetstyle’s M-Collection, than to baby furniture. It includes an adapted tub, non-porous and 100% hygienic worktop and an expandable tap for easy tub filling. The unit and all its elements are ergonomically designed to facilitate the best positions for changing and bathing a newborn.

If you consider this a hefty investment and wonder what happened to the simple baby bath, check out 3Rings recommendation: Flexi Bath by A Real Cool World – inexpensive, innovative, functional – and requiring little to no storage space.

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