At #NeoConEast: Krug’s Zola Is the Contract Collection You’ve Been Waiting For

When you talk contract seating you've got to talk modular, or so says my imagination. That's because I love the long lines and segmented profiles of pieces like Arconas' Connex seating and tables, or Thonet's Quik-Kinect Ganging system, each of which contributes two parts functionality and one part aesthetic appeal (my personal recipe for an ideal contract scheme). Mid-way between Arconas' serpentine curves and Thonet's linear configuration lies Krug's Zola Lounge.

Zola Lounge Collection. Designed by Krug.

Though built for rectilinear arrangements, each of the pieces in the Zola Lounge Collection offers a synthesis of straight and round, since the seats and back all sport the same alluring, slightly luxurious, decidedly comfy (dare I say "poofy") seats and backs. The upshot is that every component in the collection nicely toes the line between functional and flashy. And that's no small order, given that the pieces run the gamut, including, but not limited to, one, two, and three-seaters with or without arms; optional wood backs (painted or natural); bases with tapered legs or rolling casters; upholstery in a variety of colors and fabrics; and matching tables in veneer, plastic laminate, and palette finishes. This great variety of sizes and shapes enables configurations that easily adapt to public spaces, so whether wide and long, segemented into squares, or populated with narrow passageways, Krug's Zola collection fits.



And what's more, it fits in high and sustainable style—Zola boasts both recycled and recyclable materials, Greenguard certification, and replaceable components. Add the toughness required of public seating and Voila!—you've just the right ingredients for an auspicious contract collection. Or, as Krug says, "seamlessly ranging from freestanding soft seating and tables to a wide array of modular and linked groupings, Zola's light, sleek grace belies its superb strength and durability, making it an ideal solution for high traffic, intensive use reception areas and public spaces." This "ground-breaking collection of freestanding and modular soft seating, benches, and tables" is coming to a #NEOCONEAST near you; that is, if you happen to be in the environs of Baltimore's Convention Center come October 28 and 29.

Posted October 26, 2009 by Joseph Starr

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