Slim Bed by Atelier

I love a good mission—and New York furniture boutique Atelier has got one: “to present a plethora of life-style alternatives in contemporary living while providing highly personalized experience.” The use of plethora alone scores Atelier many points, but it’s the company’s Night Collection that’s got me dreaming of redecorating (a dangerous proposal at best, given how many accidents I had during my last spree, not the least of which was near blindness caused by stripping tile).

Slim Bed. Designed by Atelier.

If you’re in the market for a new look in the boudoir, Atelier’s Slim Bed might be the perfect fit. Designer M. Lipparini has created a sleek base that also sets off your stuff. The headboard’s disproportion gives a new slant to the term askew. Slim Bed features a right or left-aligned headboard, both of which overhang on one side, framing anything you put beneath it, be it an accompanying Atelier nightstand or something far more unusual. Besides serving as a headboard, Slim Bed acts as a pointer that directs your focus. The frame comes in brown oak, zebra grey, or matte and glossy lacquer. Those finishes make Slim Bed a versatile piece to anchor a bedroom.


You can choose aluminum or chromed feet in various styles, from plinth to feet or full-width foot. Besides the standard slatted base, there’s nothing common about Slim Bed. The one-sided headboard can even out an odd-shaped room or emphasize asymmetry. Either way, Slim Bed is just as much fun as it is furniture.

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