Karim Rashid’s Sphere Bed is a Pod After My Own Heart

Space-age foam mattresses are receiving a lot of attention lately—and for good reason. People everywhere are tiring of those horrid bed springs that seem to make mattresses collapse in much less time than advertised. But another fantastic and relatively new idea (historically, I mean–in the last few decades, not days) in sleeping systems is a mattress with raised head and feet.

Sphere Bed. Designed by Karim Rashid for Hollandia International.

Israel-based company Hollandia International subscribes to the latter philosophy: “Contrary to popular belief, our bodies are not designed to sleep on a completely flat surface. In order to get authentic, restorative sleep, our back needs to be slightly elevated for enhanced breathing and our feet should also be slightly elevated for proper circulation. Most importantly, having our upper and lower body slightly elevated alleviates the pressure we often feel in our lower back.” No, it’s not just for tacky retirees anymore: the tilted mattress is here to stay.

Hollandia International hired superstar designer Karim Rashid to create two different sleep environments. We could call them beds, but that would be underestimating their power and cache. These “beds” are more like stage sets, providing an all-encompassing sensual experience. Hollandia International offers sound advice: “Let’s stay in bed,” and Rashid’s designs do everything in their power to realize that good counsel. The Sphere Bed is an enveloping pod complete with a 32” color television, covered LED canopy-top lights, outside back vanity mirror, and champagne holder. It’s the new bachelor’s retreat (or bachelorette—let’s not be sexist)—a modern-day version of the swinger’s leopard-covered Murphy bed that pops out at just the right moment.



The bed features the Hollandia plush comfort, along with the company’s signature adjustability and massage—packaged in sumptuous fabric (custom-upholstered however your little heart desires). Rashid’s piece transforms the bed into something far greater: “The Sphere brings a whole new dimension to experiential bedroom living.” Contrary to popular belief, Edith Wharton wrote most of her novels in bed (despite the posed photographs of her at an elegant writing desk). Sphere Bed encourages such sybaritic pleasures. It might even get the creative juices flowing, so indulge inside this lavish capsule.

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